Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Things keep piling up on my desk at work. The mail lady, who was obviously trained by the previous two mail people, keeps bringing me things that aren't addressed to me. If it has the word computer, or a picture of a computer anywhere on it, it must be mine, right? The other day I received a catalog to a place to buy fur coats. One of my colleagues bought something from there for his wife for Christmas, so they sent him a catalog. I guess since I work in the same department, she decided to deliver it to me instead of two doors down to him. Yesterday I received 3 of the same catalog. One addressed to me, one addressed to "IT Manager," and one addressed to my boss, although she is in St. Louis. I remember one time getting confidential contract paperwork from another company that our company does business with. It was addressed to a person in our legal department, but I got it because the return address had the company's name, CAS, Computer, something something. I usually file the mail that isn't mine under trash, but ever since that one, I look at it closer first. Some times it's beneficial to me. For instance, I always wanted to join IEEE. I got a letter addressed to someone with the same first name as mine with a special promotional code to join at a low price, so I did. So I don't complain to much.

Other things that are piling up on my desk include a laptop that belongs to Kate, a co-worker of mine. Actually her daughter's laptop. I told her I'd look at the problem it was having. Mind you, I don't make a habit of working on co-workers personal computers, but there are a very choice few that I consider close enough friends to do it.

Then there are the Nortel troubleshooting guides that I'm sifting through trying to find the answer to an IP phone anomaly that is going on here.

A candle. Yes, a candle. It has a wooden wick and makes a soothing popping noise like a small wood stove fire.

My coffee that is currently too hot to drink. By the way, did I spell "too" correctly there? I never know if it should be "too" or "to" in that particular usage.

Two tins of Ice Breakers, Ice Tea flavored, one tin of some horrid pure licorice stuff Diane bought. I can't stop eating it. Well, actually I did stop, that's why I still have it.

About three stacks of work related papers that I need to file. Instead I just go through them every time I need something and pray that I find it. That reminds me, I have a cabinet in the server room that I call "The Cabinet Of Requirement." Named after the room of requirement from the Harry Potter books. I swear there's not much in there but every time I need something, it happens to be in there.

Back to my desk. 5 computer monitors; dual monitors on two computers, and one to another computer. Yes, I use them all. An old Apple Macintosh SE, circa1980 something. No I don't use it, but it gets a lot of funny looks when people come by my office. Sitting atop the Apple is Yoda. I refer to him as my magic 8 yoda because he's one of those things that you ask a question, squeeze his hand, and he answers you. Yoda is wearing a variety of pins and lanyard pulls that I've collected as well as my 2007 Dragon Con badge.

That just about covers my desk. Stay tuned for what's on and in my hutch, and on my floor. Don't hold your breath though. I'm in rare form today or I wouldn't have babbled so much about my desk. Well, I need to get to work. My coffee is at a temperature I can drink, and emails are pouring in.

Good day all.

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amy said...

You used "too" correctly. I like the description of your desk. Why? I don't know. I always like it when people post pictures of their desks and various places that are important to them.