Monday, March 9, 2009

The Perfect Woman

Some traits of a perfect woman IMHO.

  • Beautiful singing voice, preferably alto.
  • Quotes movies with me.
  • Christian beliefs.
  • laughs at bad jokes.
  • a little bit crazy, but just enough to be fun.
  • Takes good care of me when I'm sick.
  • Loves unconditionally, even though I don't deserve it most times.
  • Watches Star Wars with me even if she doesn't like it. Falls asleep during it, and while talking in her sleep mumbles "Stay on target, stay on target."
  • Constantly reminds me to take my medicine not because she nags, but because she doesn't want me to be sick.


Tae said...


Wait, you are talking about me, right?

Greg said...

I don't think so, Tae. He said a "little" crazy.

Tae said...

dangit! Maybe the next list...

Anonymous said...

No, It had a direct quote. It is Tae.