Friday, July 24, 2009

Bones, Cable, Spiders, and Birthdays

Well, we are almost caught up on Bones episodes. We've finished seasons one through three, and are skipping around through season four. We're trying to watch them in order when we can, but have had problems here and there doing that. We've been having

some issues with our cable box as well. Twice, it's decided to delete our recordings, and our scheduled recordings. Last night I called the cable company, and they reset it, but admitted that they didn't know if it would fix the problem or not. They scheduled a technician to come out next week. I guess I'll see if it has any anomalies between now and then.

Diane and her sister, Joy, have been getting ready for a yard sale coming up in a few weeks. Her mom is living in a new house now, and Diane and Joy are cleaning out the old one and getting it ready to sell. Apparently the world's population of brown recluses have moved in. They found one when they were there on Tuesday, and found 20,000 more when they were there on Thursday. I'm uncomfortable about two things. I have to go there Saturday with them to help move some big stuff, and even though they have sprayed, I suspect there will be some survivors. We are keeping some of the things that Diane wants from the house, and some of it came back with her yesterday. I wish that she had checked it more thoroughly before brining it home. If I die of heart failure in the next couple of weeks, I want to cite this obvious over site as the reason.

I'm going to try to start sending out happy birthday messages to my readers. I started with one of my cousin's, although I don't think he's been to my site to see it since.

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amy said...

I had a nightmare about brown recluses the other night--maybe it was some psychic cousinlink.