Friday, August 6, 2010


I debated whether or not to post about this. I think I'm safe though, so here goes.

I by no means consider myself a veteran of managerial roles. In all my jobs, I've probably only interviewed around 25 applicants for various positions. Just earlier this year, I interviewed an elderly gentleman who told me he had been laid off from his previous position, but that he had planned to retire in a year anyway. If I had hired him, and if he had continued with his plans, I would have been looking for another person within 7 months. So he was not chosen. But recently, I had a first for me. Never in my limited experience of around 25 job interviews as the interviewer, has anyone told me that they were going through menopause. Now, I'm sure she was nervous, and it will not weigh against her in my decision; but if she was looking for a way to catch me off guard and leave me speechless, then kudos to her.

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