Monday, November 15, 2010

Dukes Part Two

12) Why are the bridges in Hazzard always out or under construction?

13) Rosco was described on a couple of occasions, as the best sheriff in the state before he went crooked. Yet I have trouble seeing Rosco being any more competent at doing the right thing.

14) How can the Dukes know who is chasing them? The police car can be 100 yards behind them, and they say the name of the one chasing them. Even if they can somehow tell Rosco from Enos, How do they know in the myriad of episodes where there was an acting sheriff or deputy? Boss would appoint someone, and in the next scene, Bo and Luke would identify the one chasing them by looking at a police car way behind them in the rearview mirror.

15) Boss always tried to pin things on the Dukes, even when they weren't involved yet. If you were a thief, and you had a history of having your plans foiled by meddling Dukes, why would you force them to take a closer look at what you are doing to clear their names?

16) Does the inside of the General Lee get wet when it rains? The windows are always down.

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