Monday, November 22, 2010

I Have No Problem Working on My Family's Computers

I received a call from one of my cousins today. One of the things we talked about was how I feel about working on computers when I visit my family. I have expressed some negativity towards it, but I think it might have been misunderstood. The fact is that I don't mind doing it. I absolutely have no problems helping where I can. What I meant was, I don't want to spend my entire visit doing it. I love my family; most of which I only see once or twice a year, for 3 or 4 days at a time. I don't want to take away from visiting, playing cards, or just good conversation. One visit I worked on 5 computers. They asked if I minded; I said no. But by the end of the trip I realized I missed out on things. One of my cousins has multiple computers, and the absolute worst luck with viruses and malware. I've worked it out with him where I can take one home with me, fix it, and bring it back with me the next time I see him, and then pick up another one. This has helped a lot. It might even give us excuses to see each other more regularly, which I welcome. Obviously I can't do this for my aunt, who only has one computer; but honestly I'm glad to help while I'm there.

I've always been really close to my cousins. They are a brother and sister me. As we've become adults with our own immediate families, we've had less chance to sit and talk like we used to. My cousin (that just called me) and I have had some good conversations the last several times we've talked. But there was a stretch there, where it seemed like he was only calling me when he had computer problems. Now, I'm not saying that was the case; it may have been just me, but the conversation when straight from the greeting and seeing how we both were, to a problem on the computer. Many years ago, this same cousin pointed out to me that I only sent him forwards in email. I mistook that as he didn't like getting forwards. I made it a point not to send him any forwards for probably a year, before I found out that all he was saying was that he loved me, and wanted to hear from me. He was happy to see when he had an email from me, and then was disappointed when it was just another forward. This is what I'm conveying with this example. Please call me if you need help; just don't only call me when you need help.

Now this particular cousin and I have had several non-computer related phone conversations over the last several months. It's been really nice.

Bottom line: I don't want my family to think that they can't ask for my help. I'm not at all put out by doing it.

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