Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marketing Pet Peeves

I've recently discovered a marketing pet peeve of mine; the incorrect use of buzz words. For example, the term "HD" or "High Definition" is really popular now. Home Depot has their line of "HD paint", which from what I can tell is just really vibrant colors. In the 80's, it was the word "turbo." Turbo is meant to be defined as a turbine, or in cars usually refers to a turbo charger that increases the output of an engine. I can't tell you how many things I remember as a kid that had the word "turbo" stamped on it; that had nothing to do with a turbo. Even today, TurboTax uses this incorrectly.

Another thing, that isn't really the misuse of a buzzword, but is along the same lines is the popular trend of putting a lowercase "i" followed by a capital letter at the beginning of a product name. Apple was the first to introduce this with the iMac, and later the iPod and iPhone. But there are many companies out there milking the success of Apple, and in my eyes, degrading their own products for lack of originality.

Another similar thing I've noticed is local commercials. You know; the commercials made locally, that are usually only broadcast on your local stations. They are usually for local, mom and pop stores. I've noticed; at least in my local viewing area, that these commercials often copy a popular national commercial gimmick. And you can almost tell how proud the producers of local commercials are at making something hip and popular; although they are usually a year or more past the end of the popularity of the real commercials. Not to mention, they seem to apply it very sloppily to their own commercial; as if it were a bad after thought. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble coming up with an example for this one; but I know I've seen them.

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