Friday, January 23, 2009


Taking a page from Jigsawdiva, one of my resolutions is not only to post more, but read more from my family's blogs. To aide in this attempt, I subscribed to their blogs. Now I've found something even better. I have a screen saver that is basically a black background with text in a green phosphor look (like the old fashioned computers). You can set an RSS feed in the settings, and it types out the contents of the feed. This morning I discovered that our blogs have RSS capability. For some reason I can't get the blogspot feeds to work, but Jigsawdiva's did work. I now have her posts on my screen saver. Here's a bad pic of it.

Of course I'll have to visit the blog to see pictures, videos, etc. But this way I can see immediately when she updates it. Jigsawdiva, I'm holding you to your word to post more.

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amy said...

I will try. I've actually been blogging for my job!