Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Book by Roy and Diane

Diane and I are writing a book. It's something I've been toying around with for awhile, but keep putting it off because lets face it; I'm to lazy to read books, much less write one. Diane is really good at the detail stuff but always gets bogged down in describing things. I'm good at character backgrounds, and basic story lines, but get lazy with describing things. Plus my limited vocabulary makes for dull reading.

Anywho, we decided to do this awhile back. I had a Sci-fi idea that Dawg and I came up with years ago based on the characters from Contra. As far back as then, I've been saying one day I'd write the book.

Diane and I kept putting it off, until I finally had an idea. We both blog, which consists of writing. So why not start a blog for the book. I put that off for a month or so, and then last night I started it. The story has changed greatly from what Dawg and I came up with, but I'm loving it anyway. I have a rough draft of an intro, which needs to be lengthened, and I have a rough first part of Chapter 1. Diane will be adding to it hopefully soon. As we progress, I plan to draw pictures of the characters to put in the blog sidebar. Overall, I just hope we have fun doing it.

Diane is going to kill me for this, because I said I'd like to get a little more going and polished before we told anyone the site, but I'm just too excited. So I'm not going to wait.

The book can be read at I don't plan for the book to have anything to do with flying blue bishops, but we don't have a title yet, and I needed something for the blog.


jigsawdiva said...

yay! A friend of mine and I are going to be collaborating soon, and we've been thinking of using a blog since we don't live close to each other

Greg said... have no idea.

I've been working on a story with the same basic characters!!!

It also varies greatly from the old days. It's futuristic, but not really sci fi