Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Venting

Wow, I've fallen behind. Sorry. Work as been busier that it's normal the past few days. Because I can't seem to remember to keep my mouth shut, I've been given the extra duty of giving the basic IT training to the new employees at the employee orientation every week. It started out with me saying that we needed some sort of training for the employees. That was my way of saying I wanted something in their personnel file stating that they had been exposed to our procedures so I could fight back the next time some ignorant user complained that they weren't getting the support they needed. Instead it got me put on the employee training working group that meets every other week to discuss employee training needs and how to meet them. That alone should have told me to keep my mouth shut. Anyway, I've been putting together a packet as well as a training program. The packet will include our Acceptable Use Policy. Its the policy that most people swear doesn't exist because they've never seen it. Its on the company intranet, under the "policy" section, titled "Acceptable Use Policy." I mean it can't be more obvious. Then again, these are the same morons that received 7 emails stating that the user names would be changing, then started blowing up the phones on Tuesday morning saying they couldn't log in. My next post was actually written by someone else, but says exactly what I want to complete my venting for the day.

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