Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Expect Nothing Less From The Company That Brought You Vista

Micro$oft laid off several employees recently and due to an accounting error, overpaid the severance packages to those let go. Then they sent a letter out to the laid off employees asking that they return the extra money.

Come on, M$. You're a multi billion dollar company asking people without jobs to give you back money that you accidentally gave them. I once worked for a non-profit organization that accidentally paid me at a higher pay rate than I was supposed to be at because of an HR error. When I brought it to their attention (yes I'm honest) they corrected it, and told me not to worry about the amount I was over paid because it was their error. Let me point out again that they were a non-profit organization, and that they struggled to keep the doors open as it was.

I don't know the cause of the Micro$oft glitch, but I'm sure it was a problem with their accounting software that is probably Micro$oft brand.

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