Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I'm Stressed Out About These Mormons"

Those were the words Diane randomly said out of nowhere last night. Monday night, while watching Chuck, we were rudely interrupted by a knock at the door. Since I wasn't dressed to receive company, I dove into another room. It was Mormons at 7:30 at night. In the middle of Chuck. I now plan to invent "Doorbell ID." It will be like caller ID for people at your door. Anyway, Diane, soft hearted as she is, couldn't get rid of them. Not only that but she took one of their Book of Mormons and agreed that they could come back in a week and talk more to her about it. Now she just wants them to go away. I suggested just stating that we are Baptist and we are firm in our beliefs. If they pull that, "our beliefs aren't that different" crap, we can say "then why aren't you Baptist." Diane was fine with the idea, but just wants to get it over with. I'm still upset about Chuck's special 3D episode being interrupted by these guys. Before you start judging me saying that I find TV shows more import than God and salvation, I don't. But these were Mormons, and I do find TV shows more important than hearing what they have to say.

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