Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walmart vs. IT

I know a lot of your eyes glaze over when I talk shop, so I'm going to tell this story with an analogy. One of our development groups hired a contractor that keeps coming and asking me questions that if he sat and thought about my answer to the first one, it would keep him from asking me the rest. Here's my analogy. Jigsaw once told me of her time working at Walmart at the jewelry counter. A customer walked in and started looking at the watches and said she was looking for one that was battery powered, not windup. I could kind of see her confusion since a lot of watches, though battery powered, still have a dial on the side. To make things easier for the customer, Jigsaw told her that all the watches they sold were battery powered. The customer then preceded to ask one by one, "Is this watch battery powered?" "What about this watch, is it battery powered?" Jigsaw answered each time, "Yes, all of our watches are battery powered." She was then reminded of the elementary school logic tests, "All of our watches are battery powered. This is one of our watches. Therefore it is battery powered." Well I'm here to tell you. This contractor has to be related to that customer.

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