Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's Ride The Catastrophe!!

What is the statute of limitations for making light of disasters? At what point can you make a carnival ride theme based on a massive loss of life. At what point is this appropriate?

Does this come with an inflatable panel of wood for little girls to pretend they are watching Leo DiCaprio freeze to death? Does it come with an inflatable quartet playing "Nearer My God To The" as you slide whimsically to your inflatable death of hypothermia? Maybe the rich kids can ride the inflatable life boats to safety. And look, it comes in two sizes. How much you want to bet the 27' didn't have enough life boats either?

What's next? A Gravitron called "Katrina?" A free fall ride called WTC-911? Too soon?

What about an inflatable slide shaped like an exploding shuttle called Challenger? Still too soon?

What about an inflatable slide called Apollo 1, with three inflatable charred bodies.

How, How, How, in Obama's America, can this be tolerated? I'll tell you why. Because Obama doesn't care about white people.


Tae said...

I actually laughed out loud. You made me lol.

Amy said...

Very clever