Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another "Why Is Obama Letting This Happen" Post

I had to visit one of my many doctors this morning for an annual checkup. I've been places where they say to turn on the cell phones, etc., but this place only had a sign that said, "For the courtesy of others around you, please silence your cell phones." The sign was only in the lobby. They had another sign at the pay desk that said not to talk on your cell while checking out, but that's irrelevant to my post. Basically, these people were saying it's OK to have your cell phone on, it won't disrupt equipment. It's OK to talk on your phone, but its discourteous for others to have to hear your ring tone. I'm cool with that. The most annoying thing about other people's cell phones to me, is the ring tones anyway. But here's where it gets ironic (my next post will discuss my possible misuse of term ironic.) In the corner of the waiting room was a small chair, table, and lots of toys. Some doctor's offices have these to keep the kids occupied while their parent is waiting to be seen. Amongst the toys on the table was one of those toy cell phones that makes a different annoying ring tone depending on what button you push. So I ask. How is this different?

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