Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold. And It Is Very Cold In Parking Lots

We have at least 10 motorcycle riders that work where I do. I don't know if most park differently somehow, but for some reason only one has become a mortal enemy. An orange bike that parks between trucks and SUVs. It makes me drive out of my way and turn halfway into it's seemingly empty parking spot only to have to stop, backup, and go somewhere else. I've had visions of doing the thing from Smokey and The Bandit, where Snowman drove away from the biker bar crushing all the motorcycles. Yesterday morning I had my revenge without even trying. I pulled into a space that was in front of another empty space, and did the pull through thing. Just then, I saw Mr. Orange Bike try to park in the space I was pulling through to. He had to stop and backup. YES!!!!

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