Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What A Busy Month Of May

May flew by for me. I had two training courses for work, and two major emergencies at work, and things are just now starting to get closer to normal again. Of course we're still feeling the repercussions of the last emergency, but it's past emergency stage, and on to, we need to fix it stage.

On the home front, my 46" Samsung DLP TV, which I have loved so far, started giving me fits. A couple of months ago, it started turning itself off about a minute after turning it on. Total it probably did it 7 times; more of an annoyance than anything. Then last Thursday, a white dot appeared on the screen. I would say its the size of about a dozen pixels, but I don't think DLP TV's have pixels. In any case, I decided to call and get it fixed. I forgot to call on Friday, but by Saturday, two more white dots, roughly the same size appeared. So I called Best Buy. Now, I have always been someone who never buys extended warranties or service plans. Most are scams just to get more money. But when I was in the market to buy this TV, a guy I work with, who is a former Geek Squad guy, recommended that I get the extended service plan if I bought it from Best Buy. As it turns out, the plan covers 4 years. If they can't fix it, they will give you credit to purchase a new TV at Best Buy for the same amount you paid originally for the covered TV. Since the prices of TV's tend to drop, you can get more TV for your money the second time around. In any case, I'm glad I did. The service repair people are supposed to come to the house later today to look at it. Since Saturday, 5 more white dots have popped up, for a total of 8 so far. To tell you the truth, I really hope they can fix this one rather than me having to buy another one. This has been the best TV I've ever had, and I'm happy with it.

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