Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Missed A Meeting Today

It was a short, 30 minute meeting, but nonetheless, probably important. It was on my calendar, it was in my "To-Do Bar", and I got the 15 minute reminder. However, when the reminder popped up, it said canceled. I looked at my email, and sure enough, and cancellation notice had been sent out. I clicked on the remove from calendar button, and blissfully went on my way. I came back to my computer, and had a reminder for the same meeting, stating that I was 22 minutes late. I looked at my email, and had a meeting request for the same meeting. In the body of the request, it said, "Oops!! I didn't mean to click the cancel button. We are still having the meeting." I opted not to call in for the remaining 8 minutes.

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