Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Viral Video Capital Of The World

OK, maybe that's an exageration; but between Antoine Dodson and the Strutin' guy a few weeks ago, our crazies are sweeping the web by storm. See above for the latest viral video from Huntsville.


amy said...

Brad showed me the original of that video last weekend. I am dying to know--is he real? Or did they gump him in?

Roy O'Dowd said...

He's real. Obviously the remix has had some work, but the original was real. There is even a news story on youtube interviewing him about his claim to fame.

amy said...

Yeah, I later found his own youtube channel. If this had happened before I visited you I would have been on a QUEST to get him to cut my hair.
And the remix has been in my head going for nigh onto a week.