Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes Being An Alabama Fan Is Shameful

I know that every team has their group of fans who are extremists, and publicly make idiots out of themselves, making the normal fans look bad. But recently an Alabama fan, who lives near Auburn, dumped a large concentration of an controlled substance herbicide, on Toomer's Corner in Auburn. Toomer's Corner is one of those landmarks for Auburn University, that is rich in tradition. There are several live oaks that are over 100 years old there. The students roll the trees after a big game win. It's a tradition. Some idiot Alabama fan has ruined that. These tree's that have lived over 100 years cannot be saved, and will soon die. Students are being told not to drink the water, because the amount of herbicide used was so great, that they are afraid it has polluted the water table there. This idiot fan is now facing federal charges, and is being called a terrorist; and rightfully so. This is a college football rivalry folks; not a war. You don't go causing permanent damage for the sake of a prank. Do you know what actions sparked this? Some Auburn fans put a Cam Newton jersey on the statue of Bear Bryant after the Iron Bowl. They didn't paint it on, they didn't break the statue, they didn't poison the water table. They played a simple prank. The idiot fan called into a local sports talk show, bragging that he did this. Of course, he said that the main reason he did this was because he read a newspaper article that stated that the Auburn fans rolled the trees in celebration after it was announced that Bear Bryant had died. Well you know what? This idiot fan was from Texas, and had only just moved here a few years ago. He chose to be a Bama fan after moving here. He read the article after moving here. He wasn't even a fan when this supposedly happened. He just moved here, chose an allegiance, read what was most likely an inaccurate article about Auburn fans rejoicing in a man's death, and decided to take action. The worst thing is, he probably didn't think about how dangerous it is, and now he's facing federal charges, and being labeled a terrorist. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve what comes to him, but it's sad to think that he thinks it's just a prank. I mean, why else would you call into a radio show and confess it like he did. No, I take it back; the worst thing about this is that some extremist Auburn fan is going to retaliate doing something equally stupid and dangerous. And it's the schools that are suffering. The schools that have no part of this, and don't condone such behavior. They are the ones facing possible destruction of property.

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