Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Handy Man

I'm finally getting around to finishing the window replacement project on our house. Our house has a total of 18 windows. We had the first 9 (the ones facing the street) replaced 5 or 6 years ago. Over the next two years, I replaced 5 more after realizing how easy it was to do, and at a small fraction of the cost. Last weekend, I started down the home stretch of the last 4. Well, 3 of the 4, since 3 are larger and grouped together. Friday, I left work early so I could start before dark, since it was supposed to rain all day on Saturday. I got one of them in. Then Saturday, between storms, I got the second one in. I need to buy more caulk before I can do the third one. They look nice, but they are confusing my dogs. The old windows were warped, and painted shut. These open, and allow us to reach out and pet the dogs. One of them loves it, but the other one is disturbed and confused by it. He likes the attention, but can't understand how we can be in the house, and pet them outside at the same time. As an IT guy, it sounds funny to say I worked on computers all week, then spent most of the weekend installing windows.

I also bought a new riding mower on Saturday, which was delivered yesterday. I can't wait to use it. The old one has issues, and while it still kind of runs and cuts grass, it doesn't cut evenly. In addition, it's extremely loud since one of the members of our household knocked the muffler off by hitting a tree stump. I'm not saying who, as neither of us remember doing it; but it happened. And lastly, I have to disconnect the battery on it after each use, because something continues to run and drain the battery when it's parked. I've checked every inch of it, and can't find it. So, the new one is a Husqvarna; which apparently is a well known brand up there with John Deer; although I'd never heard of them before a couple of weeks ago. It has a much tighter (18 inch) turning radius, as well as many other features that the old one didn't. It even has a drain plug for the oil; which may not sound like a big deal unless you've owned my recent riding mower, which required you to turn the mower upside down, and pour the oil out of the same hole you put the oil into. Not fun on a large riding mower.

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