Friday, April 8, 2011

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Not all of the time, but easily most of the time, if I spend a lot of money on something, it usually stops working, or something goes wrong with it very quickly. Last Saturday, I took the new lawn mower out for a spin. The back yard had not been mowed yet this year, and needed it more, so I decided to start with the back. The lawn mower cut beautifully. It ran well, was comfortable, had plenty of power. It was the best mowing experience of my life for 20 minutes. Then the engine died, and it wouldn't restart. Of course the place I bought it is only open until noon on Saturdays, and since I was heading out of town on Monday morning, I didn't even get to call them about it until yesterday. They came to pick it up today to fix it. The good news is that they tried to start it and gave it a once over before taking it with them, and they couldn't figure it out. So at least I didn't look like an idiot. The day it happened, I was sure it was something that I had done wrong, so I reread the manual, and even checked some of the troubleshooting tips (which are written for morons by the way, and didn't help a bit). Hopefully it's some easy fix, and I will have it back soon. I guess it's back to the old lawn mower for tomorrow.

Also on last Saturday, I decided to change the light bulbs in our garage, that had suddenly a week earlier, decided to all go out at once. I broke one of the fixtures trying to put the first bulb in, so decided to wait for a day when everything I touch wasn't breaking.

Also on last Saturday, during the middle of all of this, our Internet went down. Spent about 30 minutes on it, before deciding it was a service issue, which fixed itself a few hours later.

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