Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dream Cast

Taking a page from one of my cousins' blogs, I've decided to do a "Top n" list, where 'n' is the number I decide to end with. The following are a list of actors that I would cast in a movie if I were to do one. It's an action film with a lot of comic relief. Some of the actors are a little obscure, so I've put links to their IMDB profiles. Just click on the name to find out who they are.

Harrison Ford (I know this one will shock most of you)
Jason Statham
Adam Baldwin (He is of no relation to the other Baldwins, of whom are not welcome in my movie)
Joe Flanigan
David Hewlett Playing a scientist
Dina Meyer and Angelina Jolie Playing sisters who are assassins.
John Rhys-Davies
Jason Lee
Kate Beckinsale
Tim Roth The bad guy
Tchéky Karyo
Matt Berry
Chris O'Dowd
Dylan Moran
Jim Parsons
Simon Pegg
David Tennant
John Barrowman

More to come if I think of any more.

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