Friday, April 8, 2011

Dogs With Lasers

Diane bought a laser pointer to play with the dogs. The youngest dog is amazed by it, and is constantly jumping and pouncing on it. He even tries to eat it. Our idea was to give the dogs a little exercise using it, but knowing how OCD the dog is, I feel sorry for him. He really wants to catch it and eat it, and he seems so frustrated when he can't. last night, we put a treat on the floor, and ended the game by putting the red dot on the treat. Hopefully it gave him the satisfaction he needed.

The oldest dog doesn't care for it. In fact the only thing that has changed for him, is that he tends to hide behind my chair because the youngest dog is jumping around so much that it scares him.

I thought it would be fun to put the red dot on the older dog, to see if the younger one attacks him. It didn't work. Probably for the best.

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